That word. I wish it had never been invented. It is stupid, it is misleading, and it is used way too much. I got sick of it and wrote a letter to the editor of the opinion page of the Wall Street Journal. Here it is:

In all of this talk about “bipartisanship” and such, Obama and the Democrats have lost sight of what actually needs to happen between the parties. Compromise. Not bipartisanship, because that simply intones that both parties are involved. That’s only the base of what must happen for a successful recovery economically and a strong government. Compromise entails both bipartisanship and a willingness to work together to achieve a median that includes the core values of both parties. The entire country benefits off of this, for once a compromise is reached by the two major parties, most Americans are satisfied with their leadership and the product of their elected officials.
If you happen to read that, you know where it came from. So really, as it goes, the Republicans are pretty much screwed.  In the House, we have no say. In the Senate, we’re pretty much in the same pickle because of the three that voted with the Democrats on the “stimulus” bill. But two years from now, I see a brighter future for all.

2 Responses to “Bipartisanship.”

  1. federalistblogs Says:

    The word makes perfect sense. It is jsut not being used right. It means both side work together to plan the agreement, not just force the other side to do what you want. I have the dictionary definition on my blog.

    • alyxwi Says:

      Bipartisanship is simply a part of compromise. Both parties have to work together, however they each must give up something to reach the end goal. Compromise used to be the big Congressional buzzword, now it’s bipartisanship. I want both parties to work together, but the Republicans are being excluded. No one can reach a compromise if they’re the only party involved.

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