Tea Party Tomorrow

Well, we’ve got the Dallas Tea Party tomorrow at Victory Park downtown. My parents okayed the school-skipping to go down there for an hour-ish, so I shall happily be a patriot and be dissenting. The stimulus bill is ridiculous, or so I’ve heard. I haven’t read it, but that’s okay, because neither has anyone else! The people who voted for it did not read the bill. These are the kind of people we some people elected? It’s wrong. These people write a bill that spends $787 billion, and then vote on it without having seen what exactly they were voting on? Sorry, sirs and ma’ams, that human waste don’t fly here. This is aimed at the Democrats, yes, because the Republicans (less the three traitors) voted “no” on it. That’s okay with me because I don’t see this bill as being:

a) effective
b) capitalist.

To hark back to Jack Donaghy (played by none other than Alec Baldwin) from 30 Rock (and yes, I knew that this was being facetious) I am a capitalist. That is my religion, in a way. I believe most strongly in the principles of the Free Market, the Invisible Hand and most of the rest of Adam Smith’s guidelines. I also believe that John Locke was right about government interference in people’s daily lives. Which ties back to my previous statements about effectiveness. When have we been prosperous? When the government taxed us the least. 1980s. Not only did it get more money with the lower taxes, but it managed to pull us out of the goat rope we were in with stagflation and what have you. That’s what hands-off economics can do.

A little aside here: If we look 10 years earlier, we see that using the Keynesian economic theory was incredibly successful there. So of course, now that we’re back in a recession, we’re going to go back to that same old failure of a model.


Night, all.

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