Tea Party and Other General Thoughts

It’s really interesting seeing yourself in pictures that you

a) didn’t take
b) have no idea to whom they belong.

I went to the tea party today and very much enjoyed myself. It was fun being part of a protest. Civil disobedience and what have you. I thought that it was pretty much successful; I’d say we had a good 200 people out there, give or take. ‘Twas fun crumpling the wasteful spending on my page of the bill and seeing the accursed paper soak up that tea, I must admit.

Now, a thought. We just didn’t do enough to win this year. We’ve got to organize, we’ve got to really embrace the internet, we’ve got to pick the right guy this time. Obama ran a great campaign. Unfortunately, he won. And Congress was just riding his coattails. If we were to put as much effort and heart into 2012 as we did today, we would sweep the nation from coast to coast. Or, rather, everything east of California to coast. And, at that point, California is really is nonfactor.

The liberals have claimed large voting blocs, such as young voters. College campuses have been dominated by liberals for decades. If the GOP could get out there and try to get the students there to see another side, one of two things will happen.

1) We will make an impact and at least a marginal number of students will see the light.
or, the more likely situation,
2) The students at the colleges will misbehave and  bring more  attention to the conservative movement than we would have originally had in any case. You can see the rest of that path on your own. I trust your intelligence.

There will be much more on this from me, seeing as this will be my first election in which I am allowed to vote. I want us to win. There is no reason why we should lose if Obama keeps up as he has. The American people will see to it.

All for this evening, good night all.

The two people furthest to the right are my dad and me, respectively.

The two people furthest to the right are my dad and me, respectively.

2 Responses to “Tea Party and Other General Thoughts”

  1. Leigh Says:

    Yeah, I saw a picture of my 60 year old aunt in some twitter feed from the SC tea party 500 miles away. Crazy!

  2. Andy D Says:

    Good Luck!! Conservatives need more voices on the internet. I hope you continue to use yours.

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