Quick Thoughts on 24.

Tonight was definitely a climax in the 24 ‘coercive interrogation’ subplot. I, for one, am sick of the people in the show and those here in reality putting the comforts of terrorists and traitors above the lives of good Americans.

Of course I don’t condone tort- coercive interrogation (CI for short, neh?) in normal situations, but why on God’s green earth are we willing to give these killers the luxuries of the Geneva Convention if our citizens’ lives are at stake? That would be like giving them the thumbs up for another September 11th. It’s ridiculous! I truly do not understand the people who would stop Jack Bauer from breaking Burnett and getting the target of the attack from him.

I suppose that’s not strictly true. I’m no sadist or anything; I understand people not wanting to see others in pain, but to let hundreds or thousands die just so that one does not have to hurt? Really, doesn’t one really commit acts of treason and terror knowing that if they’re captured they will be subject to CI? It’s a bit of a given in my opinion.

I don’t really know how to convey my utter bewilderment when I try to think about these things from the other point of view. I’ll put it in terms of Jack Bauer. Six times he’s had to save the nation. Each time, he’s had to kill the bad guys to do so. In my mind, that is perfectly rational, seeing as the people of the nation he has been hired to protect would be subject to death at the hands of those he had to kill. He’s been faced with many difficult choices and I’ll be damned if he didn’t always make that hard choice in the end. He deserves to be honored by the nation and where does he end up? In a Senate hearing. That’s not justice, that’s disrespect.

Though, I suppose what he did was not technically justice either. He broke laws. And our system of government relies on upholding of the laws. Right?

Oh, I forgot. There is no reason to uphold laws of all of your citizens have been murdered. Got it.

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