I had a hard time with people disrespecting President Bush while he was in office. He was a good man, he was a good President and he did what he thought was prudent. They called him horrible, despicable things. They compared him to Hitler and accused him of blowing up the Twin Towers. I wanted to yell “This man is your President. You have no right to talk about him like that. You may not like him, but do not disrespect the office he holds.”

When Obama was elected, I saw a barrage of facebook groups toting titles like “I’ll respect your president the way you respected mine” and the like. I thought about joining them, which is odd because I usually don’t think about joining them, I just do it. But I had a hard time with those groups. Not only was it the “don’t sink to their level” idea, but the question of whether that goes against what I had been saying only months earlier.

Obama is the President. I respect that. He won. He’s now the most important person on Earth, except maybe the Pope. Everyone always forgets about the Pope when they say that. However, I digress. I do respect the office. I refuse to compare him to Stalin or Lenin or Hussein or Castro or whichever communist you’d like to use. That diminishes the power of the office he holds.

That doesn’t mean that I can’t dislike him and his policies. He has not personally earned my respect yet. He has insulted me – not by name or anything – an abundance of times over the campaign and his month and a half in office. He had declared a post-racial campaign and then called racism whenever it was politically prudent. He has done nothing as Barack Obama to make me like him or to make me respect him.

I would encourage all of the conservatives and Republicans to take heed of this and resist the natural urge to respect President Obama the way his cronies respected President Bush. Let’s take the moral high road – again. Don’t fall into the trap they’ve set for us. If we do this, they’ll be able to paint us as terrible racists and unpatriotic bigots. Let him fail, let him taint himself. But let’s keep our hands clean so that in four years when we get the presidency back, we can make sure that we can truthfully say “We gave him all of the respect that he deserved as President. We didn’t insult him or plant falsities in the minds of the people. We did more for him than he or his party ever even thought about doing for President Bush.” It’ll make Romney’s victory even sweeter.

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One Response to “Respect.”

  1. Estel Powell Says:

    It is really hard not to get annoyed by the double standards most dems/liberals do and return the favor. I have a liberal friend I talk to and they are in love with Obama. I try my best to show I’m open minded, by giving them examples of times I agree with a decision they have made. Course 95% of the time I don’t care much of what they are doing.

    My response to my liberal friends was, “Now that Obama is elected, he has the opportunity to prove me wrong.” It’s still negative, but at least it shows that I can be hopeful.

    I’m glad that there is a lot of conservative voice out in the nation. Before the election I didn’t look much online for the networking of those with the same ideology as me. I’m excited to have you on my Twitter and found a blog to keep up with. 🙂 stop by anytime at mine.

    Fellow Conservative,

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