Jim Cramer.

Firstly, I’ve taken a lovely break from blogging and politics.

Secondly, I’m back.

Finally, the diatribe:

Jim Cramer is not my favorite person. I cannot stand him or his show or the odd way he says “Amuhrica”. Jon Stewart is someone that I absolutely hate, however. He’s not funny, he’s incredibly liberal, he’s a bully – as seen in the clip with Cramer on The Daily Show – and he holds the malleable minds of so many 16-25 year olds in his incompetent hands.

This whole thing is ridiculous. Jon Stewart is way out of his depth here cognitively and bullies Cramer into agreeing with him. He has to understand that Cramer’s show has its gimmics, and, in fact, he addresses that early in the “interview”. But he later goes on and says:

…the gentleman on Mad Money is throwing plastic cows through his legs and shouting “Sell! Sell! Sell!” and then coming on two days later and going, “I was wrong. You should have bought.” Like –I can’t reconcile the brilliance and knowledge that you have of the intricacies of the market with the crazy bullshit you do every night.

Now I see that as contradictory to what you stated in the start of the interview, Mr. Stewart:

…look—we are both snake oil salesmen to a certain extent…

Which leads me to another point. Stewart may think that he is a snake oil salesman, and I agree. However, Cramer is not. He acts like a raving lunatic on his show, but he gives advice to his viewers. That advice is based on sound facts and is thoroughly researched because the people running CNBC don’t want to deal with a lawsuit, regardless of how implausible it would be in court. Cramer bases his picks on what he thinks is best, but one must remember that the stock market is out of control. No one knows what’s going to happen tomorrow. Nothing is guaranteed and people’s picks are educated guesses at best. Stewart should know that.

This was nothing but an attempt to persecute the entire financial sector by the left. Roll the tape.

I gotta tell you. I understand that you want to make finance entertaining, but it’s not a f—ing game. When I watch that I get, I can’t tell you how angry it makes me because it says to me, “You all know.” You all know what’s going on. You can draw a straight line from those shenanigans to the stuff that was being pulled at Bear and at AIG and all this derivative market stuff that is this weird Wall Street side bet.

Finance IS a game. It’s the ultimate game. It’s always a gamble when you buy and sell stocks. “You all know what’s going on.” Of course they know what’s going on, for God’s sakes, sir, this is their job.


JC: I wish I had done a better job trying to figure out the 30 to 1 and whether it was going to blow up. It did. Once it did I was late it saying it was bad.
JS: So maybe we could remove the financial expert and the “In Cramer we Trust” and start getting back to fundamentals on reporting as well and I can go back to making fart noises and funny faces.

The above is a typical Jon Stewart bullying. He forced Cramer to agree with him and act like an apologetic, obedient child.

Final thought to sum it all up. Jim Cramer should have stood up for himself. He had done little wrong, the could only predict the market, he didn’t have a magic crystal ball that told him what was going to happen. He picked as best he could and people ended up losing money. He had been predicting a recession in 2007 and yet Mr. Stewart felt it prudent to leave that little fact out.

And to Mr. Stewart: Get a life, asshole. Stay out of things of which you have no knowledge.

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2 Responses to “Jim Cramer.”

  1. Estel Powell Says:

    Thank you 🙂 reading that made me feel much better.

  2. Andy D Says:

    I don’t know why any serious individual would go on Stewart’s show. He attacks and selectively edits anyone he doesn’t agree with.

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