Change and Why It’s Necessary.

The Democrats ran on a platform of “change” this last election. Change, change change was all we heard from Obama. However, his “change” was false; it was nothing but a throwback to failed FDR programs. Regardless, he managed to finagle himself a win and now he’s in the White House. As a result, Republicans have been screaming that the leadership needs to start running on change too.

However, the Republicans are mostly conservative and their approach to the bad economy is not changed. It is the same as it has always been. And God knows that the “failed policies” are failed. As a matter of fact, the policies failed after the fiasco of stagflation over 20 years in 1980 when Reagan implemented them. Wait, sorry, folks, I’m getting a news flash here, apparently, those policies actually got us out of the stagflation. This is breaking news here, folks.

But this can’t be right, there must’ve been some mix-up in the wires or something. Everyone knows that tax cuts don’t work, only government spending gets us out of recessions and such. It’s common sense, when private sector spending declines and the demand curve shifts left, higher taxes and more government spending  has to make up the difference. And then when the higher taxes decrease private spending even more, higher taxes and more government spending has to make up the difference.

Hold on, we’re getting confirmation that this is not in fact the only way to get out of a recession. Apparently if you cut taxes and give it time, people will increase their spending, which will in turn re-shift the demand curve right and will restore the equilibrium. This is an unprecedented development. I was watching MSNBC last night and Rachel Maddow was on there assuring me that the old, failed policies that the Republicans were backing, which are the tax-cut approaches, were too old to work and have never been proven to work.

This newly confirmed way to get out of a recession seems to be what the Republicans have been preaching for decades. It’s absolutely preposterous. These ways are too old, too time-tested, too proven for them to actually be effective. This is the these silly old, rich, racist, sexist, bigoted, homophobic, prude conservatives preaching dead philosophies.

When will people learn? Change is all we need. It worked for FDR when his New Deal brought us out of the Depression. No? That was WWII? Oh, well it worked for Carter, right? Oh, that was Reagan’s tax cuts, cutting the highest bracket from 70% to 27%.

Well, we still need change. The other way is just too old to work.

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2 Responses to “Change and Why It’s Necessary.”

  1. Frank Says:

    I couldn’t of said it better my self.

  2. Curt Says:

    i love you. this is exactly what my dad and i talk about forever and ever. and my uncle. i love this stuff.

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