Snow Leopard Review

Snow Leopard.
As its own operating system, it’s not that great.
As an addition to Leopard, it’s the shizz.
Here’s why.

1. Speed.
It took about an hour to load the OS. I didn’t have to reload all of my files or even backup my computer before I did it. When it rebooted to SL, everything was where it was supposed to be. And everything loaded faster. iChat took much less time to load. Safari took less time to open. Even Aperture took about half of the time it usually takes. And even though it doesn’t really fall under this category, I’ve got to mention it. I actually got 11 GBs of my hard drive back. I installed a new operating system and actually got back enough space to put Season 4 of House on there.

2. Finder
Finder’s been totally rewritten. Don’t ask me how, but those darned Mac code writers have managed to improve upon an already great system. Now, not only do PDFs have a nifty icon, but you can resize the icons to where you could actually read what’s written on them and flip through the whole document. Or you can do it on a Pages file. Or you can open either of those in QuickLook. So you really never need to open Preview again. Which leads me to my next point.

3. Preview
You used to open PDFs in Preview and if you tried to copy text from them, it would do a wonky thing and you couldn’t actually get the text in columns, it’d just select from left to right. Which was annoying. Now they’ve fixed that. You can also, finally, look at more than one item in a single window.

4. iTunes
I know. I know. iTunes technically didn’t get an upgrade. But It used to take at least two or three seconds for the window to open. Then another five or so for it to collect itself and start doing Genius stuff. I know that doesn’t sound like much, but now you click on the icon and BAM. The window’s open and ready for business. And I have a good 800 songs and 20 GB of movies and about 30 GB of TV shows. That’s a lot of stuff to dredge up. I’m just really amazed at the speed.

5. Quicktime
I really love the new QT. It’s almost like an iMovie Lite. You can make screen movies, you can make movies using the iSight camera and you can make audio recordings too. You can also edit the movie in there. I haven’t played with that too much because I have been putting iChat through its paces mostly so far.

6. iChat
Now this is a hard one. iChat has never really been one to wow you with its reliability, for using the video chat function. However, it connects to the network much better now, and drops the connection less. I was talking to my friend for a few hours this evening and while it did drop the connection and lag sometimes, I was able to send the pilot episode of House to Kris while I was on both video chat and screen sharing with him. And when I was just video chatting with him, we had no problems, whereas in the past, it would simply quit. So, while iChat is one of the more vastly improved programs, it’s still got some ways to go in terms of reliability. I also must cede that some of the lagging comes from my bandwidth being shared by who knows how many other people.

7. Multi-Touch Gestures
This actually made me mad. I was looking forward to being able to do the cool three and four touch gestures. Not that I’d ever use them, but they’d be fun to have sometimes. Apparently to Apple, “multi” does not mean two. So I don’t get those. Only computers made after the 2008 MacBook Air (including the Air) can get these. -1.

8. Exposé
This is possibly the best part about SL. You can now scroll in the grid view of Stacks. You can look at folders in grid view. There’s an Exposé for single application viewing. You hold down the icon of an open application and the regular menu comes up (with a new skin, of course), and any open or hidden windows from that application show up. It also, when you press the Exposé button on the keyboard, shows the windows in an order, either by last used or alphabetical. It’s not so much that they’ve made leaps and bounds in this area, but what they have done is aesthetically pleasing and makes the user experience that much better.

9. Everything else under the hood.
I’m not good with the innards of computers. I’m not good with writing programs or anything like that. But from what I’ve read, Snow Leopard is really for developers. It kicks us up to 64-bit and makes it easier for developers to take advantage of the 64-bit OS. Other than that, you’ll have to look it up for yourself.

I’m sure that the longer I use the OS, the more “Wow, that’s cool” moments I’ll have. This is just what I’ve gotten the first 12 hours I’ve had it.

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  1. macsux Says:

    macs suck why do you even have them they suck so much oh my god

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