Ted Kennedy and the HuffPost Article.

Senator Ted Kennedy is dead. I feel terrible for his family. Unfortunately, I can’t go down the usual route one takes when someone of the opposite political party dies: “I didn’t agree with him politically, but as a person, I liked him a lot.”

I didn’t like him as a politician or a man. As a politician, he was irresponsible with other people’s money, wasting much on superfluous social programs. He was decidedly uncivil and partisan (cite Robert Bork’s confirmation hearing) and only “reached across the aisle” when it suited him.

As a man, well, he killed a woman. He was uncouth and had alcohol problems, and got away with it all because of that “famous Kennedy charm”.

While I’m sure he thought he was doing something good for this nation, I disagree.

Now on to the Huffington Post article, written by Melissa Lafsky, proclaiming unashamedly that Mary Jo Kopechne may have just thought her death “worth it” if she had seen what Ted Kennedy had gone on to accomplish afterwards. Now, not only is this incredibly insensitive to Mary Jo’s memory and family, but it operates off of the premise that her death was a catalyst or the cause of Kennedy’s career. That may have been the case, but really, who is Melissa Lafsky to know something like that? And what gives her the right to presume such a thing?

I have nothing against people who, for the lack of a better term, “fall in love” with politicians to the point that they feel a truly personal connection to the politician and the family. Hell, I cried for an hour straight when President Reagan died. I watched all of the media coverage, the memorials, the Capitol viewing, the burial, everything. Even though I wasn’t around for his presidency, I still admired him and learned as much as I could about him from an early age.

But President Reagan never killed anyone.

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