Obama’s Speech to the Chillins.

I decided to read the transcript of Obama’s message to the screwull kids. Really, it’s not that bad. He says the same sorry stuff that all motivational speakers say (no offense, motivational speakers.). He uses the same story that he used during his first televised address as president, about his mother waking him up at 4.30 in the morning to school him. He takes the names and stories of people who have faced trouble attaining an education and hands them out as heroes to the nation. He talks about how every child has a special talent, how they need to just use their talents and they’ll be on the path to success.

Really, it’s a bit ambiguous. You can do anything if you set your mind to it, but it’s hard to be successful. It’s not that there’s any indoctrination involved or anything, it’s just that it can sort of confuse kids about whether it’s worth it to continue in school. It’s both a motivational speech and a form of discouragement.

I don’t think that the subject of the speech is anything that anyone should get in a tizzy about. I think that if anything, people ought to be objecting to the fact that the President is giving a speech to every student between the ages of 5 and 18 in this country. And even that isn’t too bad.

My old school district won’t be showing it. They’ll be recording it, reviewing it, and if they think that it’s decent enough, they’ll try to work it into the curriculum. I think that’s a good way to handle it, especially if you’re serving one of the most conservative voting districts in the country.

One Response to “Obama’s Speech to the Chillins.”

  1. Mike W Says:

    They didn’t allow it in our school district either. It stated that it follow the curriculum also. He does seem to say a whole lot about nothing. Sure would be nice if we could recall him.

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