Obama’s War on Fox.

I’m not quite sure what exactly the lovely folks up at the White House are smoking. But it must be good. Otherwise, they’d never invest so much political capital in attacking the most highly watched cable news network in the nation. Sure, Fox has many opinion shows. But so does MSNBC.

Shep Smith, one of the few true news reporters on Fox, came to my school last week and gave a little speech, followed by a question and answer session. One of the journalism students decided that they’d enlist as a soldier in White House Army in the War on Fox. He berated Fox for giving people like Bill O’Reilly and Glenn Beck airtime. Shep handled the question well, saying something to the effect of “Sure, we’ve got some outspoken and sometimes outrageous political commentators. But really, would you call Keith Olbermann or Rachel Maddow a news reporter? They’re just as outrageous, the only difference is that you happen to agree with them.” I thought it was a valid point.

I digress. The White House is making a big mistake with this vendetta against Fox. Apparently, it all started when Chris Wallace of Fox News Sunday fact checked Tammy Duckworth, the assistant secretary of the Department of Veterans Affairs.

“She criticized ‘FOX News Sunday’ last week for fact-checking — fact-checking — an administration official,” Wallace said Sunday. “They didn’t say that our fact-checking was wrong. They just said that we had dared to fact-check.”

And it has escalated since then. Both David Axelrod and Rahm Emanuel have spoken out against Fox. They both assert that Fox isn’t a real news network. Regardless of the truth value of that statement, they’ve made a huge political mistake. Throughout the day, Fox nets more cable news viewers per timeslot than MSNBC, CNN or HLN, sometimes more than the three other networks combined. To say to Fox’s viewers that Fox is “not a news organization” and that it is “opinion journalism masquerading as news” is insulting, and frankly, alienating.

This administration needs to watch out. They’re taking some big risks that are just as likely to pay off as not. Moreover, these risks don’t endear them to many that aren’t already on their side.

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6 Responses to “Obama’s War on Fox.”

  1. Ben Hoffman Says:

    Fox has a political agenda, and that agenda is to defeat Obama’s health insurance reform as well as anything else he tries to do. The White House has every right to go after them and call them what they are: a “Republican propaganda outlet.”

  2. alyxwi Says:

    Sure, you can say that. If you also admit that MSNBC and CNN also have agendas that are pro-Obama. There are particular commentators on Fox, most of them, in fact, that want to do anything they can to stop Obama from getting anything done. But Fox as a news network, reports news. Regardless, it’s really sad that the White House is launching a war against a news network. Or at least that they have to do it so bluntly.

    • Ben Hoffman Says:

      No, Fox slants even their “news” reporting, sometimes by omission, sometimes how they question politicians, and even sometimes by how they promote a story.

      • alyxwi Says:

        You’re wrong. You’re classifying opinion shows as news. The Fox Report and Studio B, the main news shows, are about as nonpartisan as you can get. Shepard Smith reports the news. Sometimes he plays devil’s advocate, but when he does, it’s to both sides. And he’s pissed many loyal Fox viewers off by being rather liberal at times.

  3. jaytravis1964 Says:

    Ahh; good old Rahm Emanuel; still striving to be the love child of Heinrich Himmler himself. “Dead fish” Rahm’s little squabble with Fox is honestly nothing more than another fine attempt at distraction from the real story this week of the moves around the world to unplug the trading of oil from the Federal Reserve dollar.

    They don’t want the sheeple to think too long about the very real possibility that the fiat currency they use to leverage control over the states and the entitlement crowd is very close to becoming about as worthless as a Hawaian certificate of live birth, thereby also reducing the real danger that withholding that Federal funding for all those mandates and restrictions might have on any group of states who might dare to consider a new currency, or even outright secession from the New Kenyan Empire. They also don’t want people being “distracted” by the price of gasoline climbing along with the stock market, and connecting the dots that the value of these commodities are not increasing, but the worth of the US Dollar is falling in relation to them- and everything else. After all, all that simulus (sic) money that was supposed to put a chicken in every pot (or this week, just some pot for everyone with a “medical condition”) may not buy the votes that it was supposed to, once the “little people” realize that they sold their futures and got paid off in magik beans.

    No, the “War on Being Terrified of Fox” is just one more good excuse they want to silence the critics and to impose further tyranny with the same battle cry, “We’re from the government, and we’re here to help you” while hoping that the common folks will keep buying the bread and circuses, and accepting the shriveling greenback to substitute for real money.

  4. Frank Says:

    I just hope FNC isn’t missing a story by defending themselves over Barry’s comment. Remember Obama is the greatest magician. Everyone pays attention at one hand but doesn’t look at the other hand.

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