On the Danger of Intraparty Struggles.

Today, Politico came out with an article on the 2010 Democratic primaries and how ugly the intraparty battles are already becoming. Now, as someone who is for not the Democratic Party nominee, this is a great thing. However, for the Democrats, this conflict is quite potentially ruinous. This quote comes from the Politico article (http://www.politico.com/news/stories/1109/29821.html):

Situations like these are best for the voters, though. Each of the candidates vets the other, exposing flaws in ideology, covered-up scandals, and even that one night in college that’s better left in the past. By the time the general election comes around, the voter has the two or three best candidates to choose from.

As a party trying to overcome the political legacies of Bush and McCain, the Republicans need to make sure that they stay away from this sort of thing. Let the vetting be done in private. Party weaknesses should be hidden under a façade of conservative ideals, positive rhetoric and virtual idealogical unity. During a time of fractures and factions present in both parties, and Congress in general, the most valuable asset that a party could have is a sense of stability and unity.

Historically, after major wars and economic troubles, people look to the parties and the government for stability. This can be seen in Great Depression-era America and post-WWII Europe. The party that is seen as the most unified and stable has traditionally been the one to win the elections. In the first case, it was the Democrats, in the second, it was the British Labor Party and its equivalents in the rest of NATO Europe.

The Republicans have a very good situation that they may choose to take advantage of. The Democrats are fighting from with themselves. All the Republicans have to do is play nice and let the Democrats rot from within. Let the Democrats be perceived as the party of negativity and disunity during the primaries. Then, during the general election, win with a promise of stability and security. And follow through. Don’t lie to the voters.

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