Follow Up: On Education as a Market.

Well, the results are in. After the professor assigned the study groups, ours met for a short minute, which was just long enough to decide that we would just study on our own. We took the quiz and parted for Thanksgiving break, only to receive emails halfway through, informing us of our “astounding” success. Our group was the only one whose members all scored above an 80. Our group also had the highest average of any group. All of the other groups had gotten together to study and their communal efforts weren’t enough to beat the product of individual efforts. The student who made a perfect score wasn’t in our group. He deserved to be rewarded for his efforts, but because of his group members’ lack of either motivation or knowledge, he was not.

I arrived early to class this morning to find that the professor had apparently been informed that we had studied for the quiz as a group. She wanted to know what our study strategies were, because our success simply proved that working as a group was better than working as individuals. In her words: “It’s nice to be smart, but it’s smart to be nice”.

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