Oh Democrats, You’re So Silly.

Imagine that the…no. I’m not even going to bother with a metaphor. This is simple. There is $200 billion that the government says can be cut from the TARP budget. The Republicans and Tea Party-ers have rightly criticized the Democrats for the giant budget deficits they’ve run this year. Elections are coming up in ten months and explosive spending is obviously going to be a huge issue working against Democrats’ re-election.

With these facts in mind, what should the Democrats, who, according to Sen. Judd Gregg (R-NH), are not consulting the Republicans on the future of this mass of cash, do? Why, create a jobs program! Wrong. But that’s what they want to do.

Admittedly, $200 billion won’t make a huge dent in the national debt, or even the deficit, and putting the money toward that would be a mostly symbolic act. But in the superficial realm of politics, symbolic acts can be the “issues” on which independents are attracted.

In addition to its symbolic importance, it would essentially shut the Republicans’ and Tea Party-ers’ mouths. It’s hard to attack your opponent on a lack of fiscal responsibility when he just voted to devote $200 billion to paying down the debt/reducing the deficit.

Now, the reason given by the Democrats supporting their jobs plan is that people care more about having jobs than paying down the debt. Superficially, this makes sense. However, what this excuse fails to consider is that all indicators point to an end to the recession coming sooner rather than later. Unemployment–usually considered a lagging indicator–went from its peak of 10.2 percent down to 10 percent in the last month, the stock market has been rising steadily for months and there seem to be whispers in the back rooms of the Fed about raising the interest rates.

Even one with only elementary skills of analysis would consider a recovery imminent after having seen these facts. In ten months, when the recession is over and people have their jobs back and are standing in the polling booth, fiscal responsibility will be at the forefront of their minds, because you can be sure that the Republicans will have thoroughly canvassed that topic over the course of the campaign.

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One Response to “Oh Democrats, You’re So Silly.”

  1. JayTravis1964 Says:

    Well, the ONLY thing that will ever salvage the economy would be the creation of new jobs that pay sufficently to encourage spending and enable those hired to be able to make purchases of consumer goods- but ONLY if those goods are being manufactured in US factories that are creating and supporting other jobs for American workers, so that they too can afford to purchase goods and services. Not merely to borrow money to pay for them against false bubbles like those from the home equity loans, but to actually create tangible goods and wealth.

    But the problem with the idea of a government program “to create new jobs” is that it does NOT CREATE WEALTH. It merely absorbs more wealth from the functional economy in the private sector, and diverts it from transfering in a manner that encourages private enterprise to grow and expand therefore creating jobs. The liberal idea is that a job is a job, but that ignores the core of what is truly rotting our national economy- the dogma that promotes the outsourcing of true production jobs to foreign shores, and governmental tax policies that encourage corporations to continue to do so, in the name of globalism.

    If the government wants to actually do something to try and mediate some of the effects of this declining economy that will have a positive effect on the citizens whose votes the politicians are pandering to, perhaps they should consider revamping the tax code to something that promotes the interests of American companies who employ American workers instead of wasting trillions on a neo-national-socialist “change” that tries to manage the economy under the yoke of the State?

    They may be from the government, and they may claim to be here to help you, but the more they “help”, the worse it gets. Of course, if they continue down the present path of “progress”, it may well be a moot point anyway. If the Dollar continues to be flooded into the economy by the artificial manipulations of the Federal Reserve and the Congress and Senate, with Obama at the helm, it may not matter HOW many jobs are “created or saved”, if they are being paid in a collapsed currency. You want something to worry about fixing, how about we start with that?

    Presuming they WANT it “fixed” in the first place, that is…

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