Texans for Medina? Why?

Everywhere you see a Rick Perry or Kay Bailey fan on the internet, you can find at least two other Medina supporters. This is partly due to a comparatively increased use of “new media” in the campaigns of the rather more obscure candidates. However, no one can refute that Debra Medina has emerged from that obscurity and is now a viable candidate for governor.

Medina’s base is comprised mostly of an amalgam of “libertarians” who are tired of supposedly throung away their votes and tea partiers who are reaching out to underdog or “third-party” candidates for the first time (even though Medina is on the ticket with a big “R” right next to her name). I acknowledge that this is a broad generalization, but as is the case with many generalizations, it’s generally true.

Why does she seem to attract these disenchanted voters? Let’s take a look. She’s a pro-gun, anti-immigration, anti-abortion and gay marriage traditional Republican. So are both Perry and Hutchison. To differentiate herself from the othe two candidates running for the Republican nomination, Medina is empahsizing fiscal responsibility. The only reason she can pull this off, however, is that she doesn’t have a voting record. In fact, she has never served in any political office in the past, at all, ever. Just like a well-known politician who is occupying the highest seat in the land.

I don’t know why the “libertarians” are supporting Medina. I know a self-described anarcho-capitalist who generally distrusts politicians, but is sickeningly devoted to this candidate. How these kinds of people can so easily abandon their principles with little to no proof that this candidate will be different from what we have now is worrisome.

So let me ask you, voters, why are you voting for your candidate? Because it is currently popular to oust the incumbents? Or do you really see a difference between your candidate and the others? What proof has been offered that they will follow through on their campaign promises once they have been elected? If, after you have answered these questions, you decide that you still support your candidate, vote, and vote confidently. But I’d you find that your motives for supporting your candidate were less than idealogically pure, you might want to consider choosing someone else. I don’t have a right to tell you how to vote, but I advise you to vote responsibly, because in the end, it affects all of us.

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