The Answer to the Question CNN Can’t Stop Asking.

“Is the Tea Party movement hurting the GOP?” read the headline under Larry King’s bright red suspenders last night on CNN. Though the sound was turned off, I could imagine what was being said. The screen space not being occupied by Larry King’s head showed alternating pictures of Sarah Palin and people holding signs. Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time they’ve discussed this very same topic on CNN. In fact, this has been discussed every single time any tea party of any relative size has been organized. The answer seems to simply escape those souls at CNN, bless their hearts.

The answer is simple. In terms of short-term election results, we may. We may do what Bob Barr did to McCain in 2008 and what Ralph Nader did to Gore in 2000. In the long run, this is good for the GOP and its rather large tent. As RNC-backed candidates start to find their numbers slipping against true conservatives, the Republican Party will surely catch on that Americans are tired of the McCain candidates. If the message gets through the GOP’s skull, they’ll push on in a more conservative direction, which is what the Tea Party wants.

It’s not as if we have anything against those suffixed by an “(R)”. If they start putting out candidates that fight for what we want, we’ll have no trouble backing them. It’s the candidates who don’t embody conservative ideals who run as Republicans in strong Republican districts that we dislike.

This intense fascination with the tea parties that CNN exhibits is interesting. Though they try to marginalize the protestors, they can’t help but put them in the headlines every couple of days. They misconstrue the goals of the tea parties and seem to intentionally mislead their viewers. This is an example of bad journalism, and ought to be stopped. Of course, it won’t be. The Democrats, the unofficial party of the Cable News Network, are very happy with an misinformed voting base. And though liberals like to say that Fox is biased, at least its news programs get their facts right as much as possible.

So here you go, CNN. I’m going to allow you to put this debate to rest. I’m going to answer the question you haven’t seemed to be able to put to bed with all of your pundits and news anchors of stunning intelligence. The Tea Party movement may be hurting the GOP in the immediate future, but the conservatives of which it is comprised are going to try remake the GOP in their own image. A conservative image, and one which the GOP seems to have lost in recent times.

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