What the Incumbents Don’t Seem to Get.

As I was making the rounds through my Wall Street Journal this morning, I flipped to A5 to see what was written about the primaries taking place today. What stood out to me was the similarity of the stances of the incumbents who looked like they were going to lose. In most races where an incumbent looked like he was going to be unseated by a tea party candidate, the incumbent had relied on his record of social conservatism to justify his GOP nomination.

I don’t know why. This election is about money. Anyone could tell you that. Abortion and gay marriage can wait. Gun rights? Back of the agenda. What matters is how you voted on TARP, the bailout and what you plan to do regarding the debt and the deficits. And these Congressmen don’t seem to get it.

The economy, while not a black hole of horror, isn’t in its prime. People are concerned about their jobs and their money, and by extension, the money matters in the federal and state governments. That’s what is most important to people, which means that that is what they’ll likely be basing their votes on.

Unfortunately, once you’ve voted for something, you can’t go back and change it (unless you’re John Kerry, in which case you can vote for something before you vote against it) which really leaves you up the creek without a paddle come election time. You’re open for attack on those votes, because no one can ignore that glaring YEA in your voting record for the bailout bill.

I guess these congressmen just don’t get what the election is all about this time around. Or maybe they do know and they just want to run one more time before they’re voted out. Either way, they deserve what’s coming to them.

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One Response to “What the Incumbents Don’t Seem to Get.”

  1. Jay Travis Says:

    I agree with you. That is one of the reasons I decided to run for my district’s state house of representatives this November. I found out at the primaries that the incumbent was running unopposed. What kind of an “election” is THAT supposed to be? So, I got registered as a write-in and will at least TRY to give folks around here at least SOME kind of alternative to choose from. I’ve been going to the local tea party meetings here since they started, but nothing changes unless someone ELSE is willing to be “the other guy”, right? I haven’t taken nor asked for a penny from ANY party, so it’s all word of mouth and maybe a small ad in the local paper near the election (out of my own pocket) so IF you have any friends or readers in the 74th district in Tennessee, I’d appreciate their write-in vote in November. Thanks, Alyx, and hope you enjoyed the trip to Germany.

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