Links for Wednesday 6.10.10

We’re halfway to Friday, y’all.

  • I’d like to bring special attention to this first story. A fellow WordPress blogger with whom I have previously corresponded has published a story about how his photographs were used in a publication without proper attribution and compensation. Well, it was brought to his attention and now the whole thing has exploded in the publisher’s face. This brings me to my point. Copyright laws are far from effective. Instead of allowing organizations like the RIAA and the MPAA to get legislation like the DMCA passed where organizations get a cut of the fines, we should simply be making sure that stolen goods get paid for. The possibility of fines isn’t deterring would-be digital thieves, and it’s a form of wealth redistribution, and it’s wrong.
  • Is there an Obama/Clinton ticket looming in the future? That’s probably better than another Obama/Biden ticket. Clinton could actually have a moderating effect on Obama…
  • Mises Institute’s Jim Fedako draws a parallel between starving and government coercion.
  • My beloved Reason Magazine’s Nick Gillespie re-covers the Fulton fire, with bonus takes from Olbermann And Krugman!

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